Saturday, 3 March 2018

Giving Hope

We cannot guarantee that all the children at Muvuma will do well, or even that they will stay at the orphanage; but we do know that they are receiving the chance of a hope for a better future. 

 Team members Susan, Kayla and Rylee 
hanging out with the kids. 
Many of the children have been living on the streets, or have lived with relatives who are already facing the struggle of having to survive in extreme poverty. And, as is the way with many children and teenagers, the orphans often do not realize that they have been given an extraordinary opportunity, and may rebel against suddenly having to work hard at school or follow rules at Muvuma. Some children may run away, back to the familiarity and freedom of the streets, or they might not settle well into their new life, but while they are under our roof they will be safe and fed and clothed. 

While some of the children may not apply themselves at school, others are just not academically inclined and have other strengths so we provide the opportunity for the youth to receive vocational training when they leave school. Thanks to everyone who makes a donation, attends our fundraisers or sponsors a child we know that we are making impactful changes to young lives. 

Julie is already trying to work out 
when she can come back to Muvuma!

Each visit Brenda and the team deliver 
school supplies and small gifts from the sponsors.
The boys especially appreciate Kelly
being around as the orphans rarely get to interact 
with male role-models

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Asante Sana - Thank You!