Friday 16 November 2012

The 3rd Shipping Container Heads Out To Tanzania

The One Person Project

It's always a great feeling to be closing the doors for the last time!
Brenda, Peter, Denise, Sheena and Brian

THANK YOU to The Burgoyne's and Benjamin Moore for sponsoring the container and many thanks to everyone who purchased a Maple Leaf for our Kahama Friendship Tree.

GLOBAL TV Covered the Event

Charyll, a member of the Friends of Amani sub-committee

The wonderful guys from Maurer Crane Service and Berry Smith Trucking


Friday 9 November 2012

Filling the Third Shipping Container

We are hugely indebted to Wal-Mart Penticton
for welcoming our container in their parking lot!

Our Board, Committee and a dedicated team of volunteers work for many hours, in all weathers to pick up, sort and pack the many tons
 of donated items.

One Person Vice President (2011/2012) Mary-Jeanne
and volunteer and website design & maintenance Brian.
We just could not do this without our volunteers!
Peter puts in many hours collecting donated items
and stacking the boxes and barrels!

Thanks to families, businesses and organizations in B.C we filled the container with:
21 sewing machines, 18 boxes/rolls of fabric and sewing accessories.
Power tools, hands tools, screws, nails etc.
Education & Training
4 boxes of sports equipment
57 boxes of sports uniforms
150 boxes of library/text books
23 boxes of teacher resources
49 boxes of school supplies
49 units chalk board, notice boards, chairs with fold down desks
1 large ultrasound scanner
15 hospital beds & 13 mattresses & 1 pressure mattress
1 operating table overhead cover
1 microscope
2 physiotherapy tables
1 examination table
1 medication cart
67 boxes of medical supplies
20 boxes of medical text books
80 boxes of operating room drapes
1 defibrillator
1 blood pressure cuff
6 walkers
20 crutches
3 wheelchairs  & accessories
4 commodes
1 box of eye glasses
17 boxes paediatric ward toys
15 boxes of bedding & towels
1 box of scrubs
1 whiteboard
4 boxes of soap
22 boxes of clothing
8 boxes of bedding and towels
21 boxes of shoes
32 boxes of family supplies including school supplies
4 boxes of soap

Gardening equipment
2 shelters


Full list of items needed here

 Become a One Person Volunteer!




Friday 2 November 2012

Preparing the Third Shipping Container

We purchased our third shipping container from Big Steel Box, who have been incredibly helpful in trying to keep our costs down.
The container is going to our sponsor-community in Kahama, Tanzania. 
The Penticon Fire Department lend a hand
Benjamin Moore, Penticton once again provided the base coat.  
Val. One Person Director

And Speedpro Signs, Penticton
designed the Kahama Friendship Tree and donated the vinyl.