Friday 15 November 2013

Sponsoring Further Education in Kahama

When One Person first started in 2006, co-founder and President, Brenda Lowe asked family and friends to sponsor World Vision children in the Kahama District. In the end we found sponsors for over 50 children in the area, plus more in Muhanga, Rwanda. W.V. is due to leave the Kahama region in the next few years so some families are continuing to sponsor through One Person - a great decision as we will visit the children on our trips and will deliver and bring back photos, reports and personal messages!

Brenda is also providing funding for a young man's education. His name is Joseph and I met him on my trip in 2012. He is an amazing young man who has been acting as an unpaid guide and interpreter whenever we visit Kahama.
Joseph translating and passing on information about the photos from Summerland B.C.
to the children of the Faraja orphanage on our 2012 trip.
This is an excerpt from Brenda's Planet Ranger entry earlier this year.

"I met with my friend Joseph for a trip to the bank to deposit $900 I’d saved for him. I first met Joseph on my trip in 2009. He’s waiter at the Pineridge and has been our salvation on these trips. Joseph is one of the most resourceful, thoughtful, caring, generous people I’ve ever met. He helps us with everything we need and would never ask for anything in return.

 I made a decision on my last trip here that I would like to help Joseph get a better education so he can find decent employment. Joseph works long hours as a waiter and makes less than $100 per month. He supports his family with anything he has left over after he pays his living expenses and will never be able to change his situation without some help. He’ll need two years of upgrading and then will be allowed to attend a vocational school for training to work at the mine.

When we visited Joseph’s parents yesterday, they thanked me for helping him saying that they never had enough to pay for him to get an education and are so grateful for him to have this chance. They said that the whole family depends on Joseph and when he has a good job, he’ll be able to help them."

Brenda with Joseph's parents Grace and Sampson in their village hut.

Strengthen one person - strengthen the family - strengthen the community

Contact me today if you are interested in supporting a child or young adult's education.

To make a general donation send a cheque to The One Person Project, 10108 Julia Street, Summerland, B.C. V0H 1Z5, donate on-line or email me