Friday 20 June 2014

Emmanuel, our wonderful Agent in Kahama, Tanzania 
One Person volunteer, Dr.Glen Burgoyne (middle) wearing a gift from Joseph  (left)
and Emmanuel 
Joseph and Emmanuel are amazing, hardworking men who live in Kahama, Tanzania.  Both have made every effort to help us on our visits to Kahama, acting as drivers, translators and tour guides! We value their friendship greatly. (You can read more about Joseph in my Nov. 15th 2013 blog.) 

Earlier this year we asked Emmanuel if he would be our representative in Kahama, and thankfully - he agreed! Thanks to technology and our annual visits, we were already in regular contact with the officials and coordinators of the programs we are supporting or have set up, but having Emmanuel on the ground has allowed us to act and react much more swiftly: his local knowledge and insights are invaluable.

Emmanuel graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam with a bachelor degree in political science and public administration. He currently owns and runs a day care in Kahama, runs training sessions for the Barrick Gold mining company and teaches written and spoken English to children. We are extremely fortunate to have him on our team.   

Emmanuel and me in 2012. We all got lovely red kangas this time!

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Strengthen one person - strengthen the family - strengthen the community.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Why is it important to support sports in schools? 

Here at One Person we agree with article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that play and sports are a child’s right.  We believe in the concept of sport for development – that sport is not just an end in itself, but also an effective tool to help improve the lives of children, families and communities.

Participating in sports allows young men to have a sense of pride and something to strive towards and for girls it additionally allows them to have status and opportunities they do not usually receive. Even the presence of one soccer ball can increase school attendance, which is doubly important as most schools have HIV Prevention Programs.

Some schools do allow girls to take part in soccer but in Tanzania the girls primarily play netball, and One Person ensures that half of the uniforms are given to netball teams.

And of course - everyone is entitled to some fun!

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               Strengthen one person - strengthen the family - strengthen the community.

Monday 2 June 2014

Susan and Morgan in Kahama, Tanzania

Susan George at the current Muvuma Orphanage 
We regularly take teams of volunteers to Kahama but Susan and her granddaughter Morgan couldn't wait for the next planned trip, so travelled to East Africa on their own to visit our friends in Rwanda and Tanzania. 

Susan has had a long-term plan to help out in an orphanage so was delighted to be able to spend time with the Muvuma children and the dedicated local women who donate their time to supporting them. The current small building houses 20 children and youth, click the Muvuma link on the right to learn more about the children and the new building, which will be home to 50 at-risk orphans. 

Muvuma shelters street-kids and children with albinism. We will be shipping a forty-foot sea container to Kahama at the end of the year, which amongst other essential supplies, is crammed full of educational resources, medical equipment and items to help furnish and finish the new building.

Morgan enjoying a few minutes of downtime
Soccer balls are always greatly appreciated!

Susan and Morgan visited with a number of families and assisted in our other programs too! We greatly appreciate all our volunteers; whether you help in BC or on the ground in E.Africa you are truly making a difference in the lives of vulnerable women and children.

Contact us if you would like to:
Donate towards finishing the orphanage.
Sponsor the orphanage or an orphan.
Volunteer in Kahama, or in the Okanagan, B.C.
You can also make a donation towards any of our programs by mailing a cheque to The One person Project, 10108 Julia Street, Summerland, British Columbia, V0H 1Z5, Canada. Donating on-line or making a donation at the Summerland & District Credit Union.