Tuesday 14 August 2012

Train the Teacher / Award Ceremony 3

Mary N. Sponsored by Krista
Leticia. Sponsored by Angela M
Laurent. Sponsored by Cheryl & Vern

Katunzi. Sponsored by Andrea

Kasoma. Sponsored by Gordon
Isack. Sponsored by Shelly
Herbert. Sponsored by Val

Halima. Sponsored by Tom
Ester. Sponsored by Cassandra
Martina. Sponsored by Pam & Michelle

Saturday 11 August 2012

Train the Teacher / Award Ceremony 2

Mary M. Sponsored by Bev & Paul
Thomas. Sponsored by Jane
Stella. Sponsored by Sarah
Sarah. Sponsored by Gail
Robert. Sponsored by Raja
Philipo. Sponsored by Marion & Frank
Mwashi. Sponsored by Lee
Mwanaidi. Sponsored by Cherrie
Masenya. Sponsored by Jeanette & Randy
Mwaigomole. Sponsored by Richa

Thursday 9 August 2012

Train The Teacher / Award Ceremony 1

Emmanuella. Sponsored by Naomi
Ekarist. Sponsored by Courtenay

Daria. Sponsored by Lois
Daniel. Sponsored by Holly
Charles. Sponsored by Charleen
Blandina. Sponsored by Traci
Baihaki. Sponsored by Janice
Adam G. Sponsored by Heidi 
Adam K. Sponsored by Patricia
Ashura. Sponsored by Angela B

Thank you to all those who sponsored a teacher - do leave a comment!
We received more sponsors than teachers so the remaining funds were used to purchase supplies for the teachers. One person (you!) can indeed make a dramatic difference!

Certificates presented by co-founder and President, Brenda Lowe.

Contact us for further details or to donate educational supplies or if you would like to make a donation towards education in Kahama.
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Wednesday 8 August 2012

2012 Trip / Kahama / Train The Teacher Overview


In line with our strengthening the region at all levels, we support education in the Kahama District.  The first shipping container to go to Tanzania carried over 17,000 books, and numerous boxes of school resources and sports uniforms/equipment. We set up a week-long Train The Teacher workshop to explain how to use the resources sent, to share teaching strategies and to practise written and spoken English. It was a wonderful experience for us all!

30 teachers in Kahama, Tanzania were able to attend our five day workshop thanks to sponsors in British Columbia, Canada who each donated $30 which was paid to the teachers as an honorarium. 

The official languages of Tanzania are Swahili and English. English is recognized as being an International language that will help create a level playing field in business, commerce and many professions, and it is the medium of instruction in all levels of education after Primary.

 Classroom walls are bare and there are very few if any resources in most schools. 
A soccer ball is a rarity! 
Kahama is remote and poorly serviced, far fewer children are enrolled in school in rural Tanzania than in urban areas and the level of written and spoken English is low, due in large part to the lack of visitors to the area as well as a major shortage of resources. The One Person volunteer teams always create a stir when we visit and people love to get to practise their English, even if it's just to say hello.

Check out ten of the proud Kahama teachers receiving their certificate of completion in the next posting.

Friday 3 August 2012

2012 Trip Overview: Kahama, Tanzania

This was One Person's fifth trip to East Africa - and my first. Being a founder member of The One Person Project, it was exciting to go to Kahama to meet our contacts in person and to monitor our programs, and it was an absolute privilege to be invited into the homes and hearts of the local community.

I must admit that before we left for the trip I was a little nervous that I might be so overwhelmed by the conditions faced by our sponsor communities that I might feel that there is little we can do to make a meaningful difference. But it was quite the reverse – I found out that is incredibly easy to change a life for ever! 

The delivery ward at the Kahama District Hospital

Kahama Tanzania:
The One Person Project has already impacted the area significantly: Brenda's trips with teams of volunteers have ensured that we are connected with Government officials and others in a spirit of friendship and cooperation.

We have a real presence and are taking steps that will genuinely help communities in the Kahama District to tackle and rise above the effects of poverty. Our strengths are that we monitor each project and adjust as needed, we listen to the experts there and interact with everyday people; we listen to the stories of their lives, and tell them ours.

At home we have a strong team in the Board, Committee, volunteers and supporters – we all work towards raising funds and awareness and spend a lot of time thinking about the children and families we support and how to provide that support in a respectful and meaningful way. 

It is always a struggle to raise funds but we are getting there!  Having taken the trip I was blown away at how easy it is to change lives for the better - ridiculously easy. And I am so, so impressed with who we are as an organization and what we have achieved up to now and can achieve in the future.

I took the 2012 trip with my daughter Mary who was fulfilling her goal of going on the trip after she graduated from High School - in fact it was less than a week after! Many of the photos from this trip are hers - you can read Mary's account here.

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