Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Amani Care & Treatment Centre

The Amani Clubhouse at the Kahama District Hospital 
The Kahama District Hospital has a children's Care and Treatment Clinic that provides treatment services and counselling for children with HIV/AIDS.  In 2009 the hospital created a much-need social support group for around 20 children, and asked if we would add our support. And we did. Nine years later the clinic caters to over 200 children!

We ordered tables, chairs and bookshelves from local carpenters, and shipped resources and extra furnishings in the One Person sea-containers, including sewing machines to help the young women practise for their tailoring apprenticeships. We created and funded a food program, which is now mostly being covered by the City of Kahama and local donations. 

We visit on each trip and deliver resources and stay up-to-date with progress and possible needs. Our visits are also a cause for great celebration as we hold a party for the children and their families each time we go. 

The 2018 team purchased the provisions from the local market 
and helped to prepare the food, and the Amani ladies 
cooked for around 400 people. 

The menu was rice, beef, beans and and watermelon. 
The children also received small gifts 
and practical resources for their family. 
 A satisfying, but exhausting day! 

  Most families in the Kahama region survive through subsistence farming and live in huts without furniture, running water or power. There are few paved roads and for most people a journey to the clinic means a walk of several hours or more.  

Imagine making this walk when your child, and probably you, are sick and hungry. Imagine being a child and arriving at the Amani clubhouse and being given food, life-saving medicines and having the opportunity to play with toys and books, skipping ropes and soccer balls. 

Read more about the Amani Clinic & Clubhouse. 

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Giving Hope

We cannot guarantee that all the children at Muvuma will do well, or even that they will stay at the orphanage; but we do know that they are receiving the chance of a hope for a better future. 

 Team members Susan, Kayla and Rylee 
hanging out with the kids. 
Many of the children have been living on the streets, or have lived with relatives who are already facing the struggle of having to survive in extreme poverty. And, as is the way with many children and teenagers, the orphans often do not realize that they have been given an extraordinary opportunity, and may rebel against suddenly having to work hard at school or follow rules at Muvuma. Some children may run away, back to the familiarity and freedom of the streets, or they might not settle well into their new life, but while they are under our roof they will be safe and fed and clothed. 

While some of the children may not apply themselves at school, others are just not academically inclined and have other strengths so we provide the opportunity for the youth to receive vocational training when they leave school. Thanks to everyone who makes a donation, attends our fundraisers or sponsors a child we know that we are making impactful changes to young lives. 

Julie is already trying to work out 
when she can come back to Muvuma!

Each visit Brenda and the team deliver 
school supplies and small gifts from the sponsors.
The boys especially appreciate Kelly
being around as the orphans rarely get to interact 
with male role-models

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Monday, 26 February 2018



Brenda (One Person co-founder and President) used her own funds to help Joseph receive training and set up his own business in Kahama, Tanzania.  

Summerland School in Lugunga Village.
The team delivered much-needed educational supplies. 
Joseph has now set up a preschool in his village, which they have called the Summerland School; this fills our hearts as we are based in Summerland, British Columbia. 

Joseph and others volunteer their time to teach the children the pre-academic skills that they need before attending primary school. 

In 2008, the then Summerland Mayor, David Gregory signed a Friendship Agreement between Summerland & Kahama, and Joseph's actions are another binding thread in the BC - Tanzania connection. (No financial funding is given, but the City of Summerland promotes our organization on their website.)

Here are our other blogs on what we have done to assist education in the Kahama region. 

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Our 11th Volunteer Trip to Kahama, Tanzania

The 2017/2018 Team 

The volunteers somehow procured a cake to celebrate Brenda
 and thank her for being a 'great leader.' The team at home agrees!
In 2013 we took over the funding of the Muvuma Orphanage. A wonderful group of women in Kahama had raised funds to build the orphanage on land donated by the township of Kahama. In the space of two years they had raised enough money to build the first few feet of the structure. One of our trip volunteers, Nancy Comeau donated $1,000 to continue building and we took it from there! Thanks to our supporters and sponsor-families we have built an orphanage and transformed the lives of children.

Brenda leads a group of volunteers each year to ensure that our physical and financial donations are being used for what was intended, to assess future needs and most importantly, to spend time with the orphans and Brenda's ever-growing band of friends and official contacts. 

We have said it before but it is worth repeating - everyone who takes these trips pays their own way. 100% of donations made go to the orphanage or our other long-term projects in Kahama. 

This years' fabulous volunteers are (left-to-right) Julie Ferris-Paul, Rylee McMillen, Brenda Lowe, Kayla Homulos, Susan Brown, Tallula Ash, Kelly Toots and Harry Ogloff. 

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