Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Outside Kitchen for Muvuma

Happy children!
Thanks to our sponsors we are able to provide an outside kitchen and eating space for the children. 

The existing kitchen.
The building was designed before we took over the building; the current kitchen is too small for the orphanage's needs. 

Thank you for helping us to transform lives! Visit our facebook page for more photos and stories, and check back in to see the finished kitchen and eating area!

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Asante Sana - Thank You! 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Giving Girls Dignity Part 2
These amazing ladies have been meeting weekly to make over 200 feminine hygiene kits, which will be taken to Kahama in the January 2018 Volunteer Trip. 

In a previous blog  I outlined the problems faced by thousands upon thousands of women around the world who are missing out on education and days at work because of the lack of feminine hygiene products. The girls and women are often isolated, sitting on cardboard until their period passes. This means that girls can miss up to three months of school a year. 

In 2016 we started to make sustainable, cloth feminine hygiene kits. We use bright colours to camouflage staining, and have a removable absorbent liner, which looks like a wash cloth so can be laid out on the grass to dry without causing embarrassment. (Following the Days for Girls pattern and guidelines.)   

Each drawstring bag contains sustainable sanitary napkins, underwear, wash cloths and soap. Many girls and women cannot afford to buy underwear.
Thank you to the Summerland Secondary School for providing the space and sewing machines for another group of volunteers.

Mama Nakri with some of the kits that were delivered to the Muvuma Orphanage on our 2017 volunteer trip.

Three of our 2016 volunteers, Margaret, Gloria and Jeannie, nurses from Redwater, Alberta, recently dropped-off 50 kits that they had put together!
Contact us if you are able to sew kits or you can donate on line or at the Summerland Credit Union or mail to The One Person Project 10108 Julia Street, Summerland, V0H 1Z5 

Contact us if you wish to sponsor the orphanage and see your dollars at work! 

Asante Sana!
Thank you!

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Five Indisputable Reasons to Attend our Annual Fundraiser

On Saturday November 4th 6:00pm to midnight 
at the Shatford Centre, Penticton. 

At just $50 a ticket ($40 early-bird before Oct. 15th) our annual fundraisers are amazing value. DJ Doug donates his time and plays all our dance favourites. Brenda creates a brief, but amazing video-summary of the progress we have made in the last year.  This serves two purposes, it keeps you the public updated, but the powerful reminder also gives the exhausted One Person Team a boost that carries us through for another year!

Our entertainment is amazing! Bobby and a small contingent of the Nankama Drummers & Dancers entertained us at our very first Annual Dinner Dance at the Summerland Golf & Country Club on September 27th 2008. The troupe have continued to support us over the years, and we greatly look forward to the energy they always give to the evening.

Your $50 ticket also includes dinner! Every year we have a growing team of volunteer youth who serve the 3-course meal (salad, entree and light desert.) This year we are serving a perogie-dinner, with a tasty vegan perogie option. Our silent-auction items include baskets, dolls and ornaments that we purchase on our volunteer trips, and prizes and services donated by the Okanagan community.

Five - you want to make a difference. We can make it happen. For tickets contact Denise 
250-460-0565, Brenda 250-809-9639 or pick up from Tones Hair Design, Victoria Ave. North, Summerland. 

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise  raised $7085 for the Muvuma Orphanage! 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Penticton-made brick machines create jobs in Kahama, Tanzania

Luke now runs a thriving brick-machine business in Kahama.

This wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of these three skilled and compassionate men who have taken similar brick machines to Zambia and Gambia. 

In 2015 Bill Lauritzen, Lawrence Slind and Ron Ryde built and donated this high compression brick machine for use in Kahama. The machine is perfect for undeveloped areas as it operates without electricity.  Ron then took part in a One Person volunteer trip to provide training to set up a brick machine business.

The last 40' shipping container, which arrived in Kahama earlier this year, carried more brick-machines, in memory of Lawrence who sadly passed away in March 2016. Ron took a second trip and helped to install a water tower and washing area at the orphanage. 

 Luke  is able to run a self-sustaining business, and employs six men, who can now support their families! 

Our Agent, Emmanuel, sent these pictures of Luke at three of the many buildings that the new business has been able to construct. These bricks are more durable than the traditional mud-bricks as a small amount of cement is added (6%) and they are created under high-pressure. The bricks are also easier to work with as they are all of equal size. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise funds to ship five sea-containers to East Africa, and send life-changing resources! The first went to Rwanda, and the remaining four were sent to our sponsor-community in Kahama. We are no longer shipping resources but still need to raise funds to run the Muvuma Orphanage, and create sustainable businesses such as this. 

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Asante Sana - Thank You! 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Students Rise to the Rotary Challenge

Young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow, they  are effecting positive change right now! We are constantly impressed by the children and youth that support local causes, including The One Person Project. 

Brenda Lowe thanks the students for raising funds and awareness for orphans in Kahama, Tanzania.

The $100 Challenge is a Summerland Rotary Club initiative for Summerland Secondary School Leadership class students. Each group of students was given $100, and worked with a Rotary mentor to grow the funds and donate them to a charity of their choosing. Brenda and other organization recipients were invited to a thank you dinner that Summerland Rotary put on for the student groups. Each organization had the opportunity to outline their activities to the audience. 
Rotary Mentor Mirjana Komljenovic with
(L to R) Lovlesh Anand, Jacob Acheson, Carter Tower,
Andrew Park, Dylan Kole and Gurshan Saran.

The team of six decided on a Samosa fundraiser, which proved to be very popular - raising an amazing $1,447.00.  

The funds will be used to enrich the lives of children 
at the Muvuma Orphanage in Kahama, Tanzania. 

 The team and volunteers made over 30 dozen samosas 
 Gurshan and his mom, Balbir Saran brought their skills, 
and delicious family recipe. 

 Gurshan was an incredibly patient tutor!

A sincere thank you to the six young men who worked long hours in a hot kitchen, to Balbir, and to the committee members who helped out. 

And a huge thank you to Mirjana and the Summerland Rotary Club for providing youth with the tools to be agents of change in our community.   
You can find out more about young people making a difference for Kahama in these previous posts. 

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Asante Sana - Thank You! 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Ways to Make a One Person Difference

People often ask how they can help to transform lives 
this is what we tell them.

Like our facebook page, and like and share our posts to help raise awareness and publicize our fundraising events. 

If you live in the Okanagan you can also:

Or drop-off refundable containers at the designated spot on the corner of Victoria Road South and College Road,  Summerland. 

It's so easy to make a difference! 
Brenda 250-809-9639
Denise 250-460-0565

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Muvuma Carers

Until recently Muvuma house-mothers volunteered their time to look after the 30 children, but as you can imagine it is a major undertaking, so we started paying a small stipend to Mama Nikri. We were advised that a male presence was needed for the boys, so Boniface joined the Muvuma family. 

Using our sponsorship money we provide the funds for beans and charcoal each month, and each month the delivery is cause for celebration and photographs! 

Thank you to everyone who sponsors a child or sponsors the orphanage as a whole. Do contact us if you too wish to sponsor and help transform lives. 

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Muvuma" The Wall (Part Two)

Mama Nakri and the children are grateful for the gated walls around the orphanage. It's amazing to think that with the support of our community here in Canada, we have built an orphanage and safe haven for children and youth in Kahama! 

Contact us to donate towards the orphanage or to sponsor it on a monthly basis.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

The Shipping Container has Arrived!

Finally! This shipping container, which left at the end of October, has arrived at the Kahama District Hospital! You can imagine our frustration at the container being delayed for so long at the port in Dar-es-Salaam, especially when the port and storage costs were rising daily! 

Thanks to the joint efforts of our agent Emmanuel, and Barry T. here in Canada, who put us in touch with Max who was able to visit the port on a regular basis, a large proportion of the accumulated fees were waived and we were able to have the container released. 
A great reminder of the amazing support we have received over the years from Big Steel Box, Penticton.

Joseph helping hospital staff to unload medical resources.

The motorbike wasn't a part of the shipment! 

Thank you so much to everyone who donated resources, funds, time and skills towards filling and shipping our fifth forty-foot shipping container! 

We had already decided not to ship anymore containers for the foreseeable future, and given the angst of this experience it was a great decision!  

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Muvuma 2017: The Water Tower

Ron Ryde from Penticton took part in his second volunteer trip to Kahama. He had planned to set up the new brick machines that are in the shipping container - but of course there are delays at the port in Tanzania and the container hasn't arrived yet! 

So Ron set in motion the plans for a water tower and provided the initial funding! The water tower will provide a place for the children to shower, a separate are for washing dishes, and the run off will water the garden that Brenda and the team planted on the previous trip! 

     The pipe frame being constructed in the township of Kahama
The frame is carried over a mile to the orphanage
Ron thanks the workers
Set into place with the brick working added for showers

Thank you Ron for starting this project that will transform daily living in the orphanage! 

Contact us to donate towards the orphanage or to sponsor it on a monthly basis.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

The 2016 Volunteers

This is Peter's second trip to Kahama. He also volunteers tirelessly throughout the year. This is Brenda's tenth visit to Kahama! Just a reminder here that everyone pays their own way on these trips.   

The Muvuma ladies presented Brenda with gifts as a thank you for all she has done for the orphanage and the community of Kahama. 
(Brenda came up with the idea of helping in rural Tanzania and co-founded The One Person Project. As President of the organization she dedicates a huge percentage of her time and energies to One Person.) 
The harder the work the better 
as far as Peter is concerned! 

As long-time volunteers you will see the Barkley family from Peachland B.C. mentioned a number of times throughout this blog!

Over the years the family has also raised funds, collected soccer uniforms and equipment, and sponsored children in Kahama. Finally they have achieved their goal of visiting our sponsor-community and making a difference at the Muvuma Orphanage.

Matthew, Bryan and Nathan at Muvuma, taking a break from painting, building steps, helping build a chicken coop 
and much more! 
Becca and Maureen sorting donated resources in the old shipping containerThe new shipment should arrive soon! Meanwhile there are a lot of tasks to help with around the orphanage. 
And one of the most important aspects of our volunteer trips  -  spending time with the children! 
Learning through play
Soccer - the universal language!

Monica Miller keeping the children enthralled! 

Preparing Christmas dinner

The second wave of volunteers on the 2016/2017 trip

This is Ron's second trip to Kahama. Ron and his friends Bill and Lawrence have donated a number of brick machines for us to provide employment locally; we buy the bricks back to use at Muvuma. Ron is organizing and partially funding the construction of a water tower for the orphanage

Margaret, Gloria and Jeannie are nurses from Redwater, Alberta. They volunteered at the orphanage and Kahama Hospital, and hosted the Amani Christmas party. Amani is the name of the children's clubhouse that we set up at the hospital for the children receiving long-term weekly care. 

Each volunteer took donated resources in their suitcases!

The ladies taking donated items to the tailoring store that we have set up for Mwanaidi (second left) and Deo (second right).

Visit our facebook page for more photos.

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You can also donate now online. 

Asante Sana - Thank You!