Sunday, 16 August 2015

Muvuma Orphanage receives support from their own community

We receive frequent updates from the Muvuma ladies:

"The MUVUMA group has not been idle since Brenda’s last visit. We have knocked from one donor to another and this has produced some results, I am happy to let you know that 3 metal safety doors for the external doors have been installed. Other contributions include

Sofa sets- 6 pieces
Cooking pots- 8
Refrigerator- 1
Wardrobes- 6
Bicycles- 3
Mattresses- 11
Electric cooker- 1
School uniforms
School equipments
School fees(January to June 2015)
Tables small size- 10
Kahama Town Director provided Tshs 4,800,000  ($3,000 CDN)

So the work for The One Person Project has attracted other people to put their hand at the Orphanage Centre. The place looks really wonderful. We thank you a lot."

Contact me if you would like to sponsor an orphan, 
or the orphanage as a whole. To learn more about the Muvuma Orphanage or our other programs scroll through the blog - or click on a label on the right. Check us out on facebook for the latest news and pictures.

You can donate on line or at the Summerland Credit Union or mail to The One Person Project 10108 Julia Street, Summerland, V0H 1Z5 

Asante Sana!
Thank you!

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Midwifery training in Kahama

Next week, midwife Sarilyn Zimmerman will be training midwives in Kahama; this is with another organization but she and her husband John will be visiting the Muvuma orphanage. John plans to help with any ongoing projects - perhaps putting in a part of the ceiling or building shelves. 

It is wonderful to have got to the stage where people seek us out and ask what they can do to help. Thank you Sarilyn and John!