Sunday, 14 June 2015

2015 Volunteer Trip: Muhanga, Rwanda

Terimbere-Rwanda Organization

Brenda and Denise Ingabire from TRO  cutting the ribbon for the new sewing-room
We also, in a small way, support the Terimbere-Rwanda Organization (TRO) in Muhanga Rwanda.

We have provided some funding for the TRO Women’s Cooperative.  These women have led harsh lives; the majority of girls and women who survived the 1994 genocide were victims of sexual violence or were profoundly affected by it.  

Participation in the TRO Women’s Cooperative begins with extensive counselling and leads to income generating projects such as a pig cooperative and a sewing cooperative. We have given and passed on donations to purchase pigs and have shipped sewing machines. 

We have also donated books and classroom supplies to the Amizero Academy, a relatively new preschool/kindergarten. The plan is that the school will eventually go up to the 8th grade. 

Resources are still limited but the children learn, play and receive nutrition.  The Academy is focused on helping vulnerable children, and the TRO founder, Costa Ndayisabye  ensures that the majority of students are girls.  
Ron and Brenda with the Women's Sewing Cooperative
Brenda at the Amizero Academy in 2013
Black & Whilte Photo Credits Soling Photography

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