Tuesday 2 April 2013

Kahama Hospital - Amani Clinic/ Food Program

Children washing hands before eating at the
One Person Celebration for the Amani children and caregivers.

One Person helped set up the Amani Club, a social support group for children who attend a clinic at the Kahama Hospital for treatment of HIV/AIDS. We funded the refurbishment of a small building, purchased shelves chairs and tables and we deliver donated toys, books and other resources such as a video player & TV and videos.  (More details and pictures in the Sept 4th 2012 blog.)

OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $200 a month to subsidise the cost of providing meals for the (almost) 200 children so that we can reduce the impact of taking antiretroviral medication (ARV'S) without  food. ARVs increase appetite and can lead to intolerable hunger, and medication side affects such as extreme stomach pain are exacerbated in the absence of food. Also, due to the nature of the condition, children with HIV/AIDS are malnourished to begin with, and without adequate nutrition are more likely to succumb to common childhood illnesses and opportunistic infections.

CONTACT ME if you would like to make a regular or one-off payment towards the Amani food program. We will post pictures and updates.

  We met this young girl in July 2012. At 2 years of age she is the size of a typical 6 month child.
The father abandoned the family when he learned that the children were also HIV positive.

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