Monday 15 April 2013

Kahama District - Distributing the Shipping Container Resources / 2013

Dr Andrew and Athanis happy to see the shipping container arrive at the Kahama District Hospital. The leaves on the Kahama Friendship tree were purchased and signed by our supporters in Canada;  we raise around $16,000 to purchase and ship each container. See the Nov. 9th 2012 blog for a list of contents.
Beds and other medical resources were carried in to the hospital and a further160 barrels and boxes went to the Amani Clubhouse at the far end of the compound. Classroom and teacher resources were taken into the Teacher Resource Centre, and library and text books were transferred to the previous shipping container to be stored before processing. Both beautifully decorated containers have been donated to the hospital.

LeAnne, Brenda and a team of helpers from the hospital spent a 12 hour day visiting 11 schools in 11 remote villages to distribute soccer/netball uniforms and pumps and balls.
The children hold messages thanking Iron Man Canada for the donated shirts

A decent soccer ball costs $50 US, about as much as many Tanzanians earn a month in a full time job!

One Person believes in the concept of sport for development – that sport is not just an end in itself, but also an effective tool to help improve the lives of children, families and communities. Participating in sports allows young men to have a sense of pride and something to strive towards and allows girls to have status and opportunities they do not usually receive. Even the presence of one soccer ball can increase school attendance, which is doubly important as most schools and sports teams have HIV Prevention Programs.

Next the truck headed out to the men's woodworking co-op in Llomelo. We passed on donations of hand/power tools and a much needed generator.

The delivery team were entertained with food, and traditional dance and music. The woodworkers then presented Brenda with this beautiful wooden map of the Shinyanga Region (North Tanzania) with the district of Kahama in the middle.

 We have supported the Llomelo men's co-op for a number of years, donating tools and commissioning desks and tables for the Kahama Teacher Resource Centre.  The photos below are from the 2012 trip.

And after

 Strengthen one person - strengthen the family - strengthen the community

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