Thursday 20 June 2013

Help feed a child at the Amani HIV Clinic

Brenda with Abdul at the July 2012 Celebration at the Kahama District Hospital

One Person donates funds and resources to the Amani Group, a club house created for around 200 children who attend the Kahama Hospital's HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Clinic  (CRT).  
The Amani club aims to improve quality of life by providing social support and a safe environment in order to encourage families and caregivers to bring children for regular assessment and treatment. There is still a great deal of social stigma attached to being identified as being HIV positive
We intend to provide funding towards food for the children who attend the clinic to receive antiretroviral (ARV) drugs. ARV’s are highly toxic and patients risk malnutrition and harmful side effects unless they can increase their overall caloric intake by as much as 40 percent. In addition, people with HIV/AIDS are more likely to be malnourished in the first place and extreme hunger is a cruel side-effect of the drugs. The Amani clinic receives funding for food from the local council but needs an additional $200 per month to ensure that each child can receive a simple meal on the day of treatment.  (2014 Update: Thanks to individual donations and people donating refundable beverage container money at our local Bottle Depot - we have been able to provide up to $200 a month.)

Or send a cheque to The One Person Project, 10108 Julia Street, Summerland, B.C. V0H 1Z5, donate on-line or email me

The children look forward to our One Person visits!

THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed
in any way to supporting the Amani Children!  

Contact me to set up a regular monthly donation to the food program.

Strengthen one person - strengthen the family - strengthen the community.

Read the April 2nd 2013 blog to find out more about the Amani food program
Read the Sept. 4th 2012 blog for more details and photos of the Amani children.

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