Thursday 20 June 2013

Help 15 Families - Chicken Cooperative

Help put 15 families on the road to self-sustainability.  We are providing funding for a poultry cooperative for some of Kahama township's most vulnerable families.

Nurse Guardian of the cooperative, Anna and two of the fifteen co-op members -
Martha, Chair Person and Chausiku

We support the Amani Club, a social support group for children who attend a clinic at the Kahama Hospital for treatment of HIV/AIDS. Most of the children are from woman-headed households. Fifteen women who have taken in orphans have been chosen for the first cooperative; Chausike, Martha, Veronica, Jamilah, Zena, Monica, Kuluthum, Shardia, Sauda, Asha, Leticia, Khadija, Regina, Angelina and Fortuna.

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Why Poultry? Chickens provide maximum production for minimum costs compared to most livestock. The chickens will address basic nutritional needs as well as generate income for the Amani families and the Amani Clinic. (Meat, eggs and manure.)
Hybrid Chickens. The local breed of chicken is small and weak and produces only around 40 eggs a year, so they will be cross-bred with sturdier imported cockerels to improve body mass and output.
Funds Required. Start up costs will include building a structure, the drinkers and feeders, purchasing 50 chickens, 3 cockerels and initial vaccinations and feed. Ongoing costs will include vaccinations and treatments, security and admin costs. 
Impact. Reducing the burden of care on the women who have taken in orphans and are already struggling to support their own families, by providing food and income. An increased family income will help with shelter, nutrition, healthcare and education. The women will learn skills, which they will pass on to their children and to a second group of women who will form a co-operative (and so on...). Cooperatives for women  provide opportunities for the members to participate in decision making and provide a route towards self-empowerment and self-sustainability.
Funds will also be directed back to the children's Amani Clinic.
Strengthen one person - strengthen the family - strengthen the community

To make a donation send a cheque to The One Person Project, 10108 Julia Street, Summerland, B.C. V0H 1Z5, donate on-line or email me.

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