Sunday 15 April 2012

Kahama Container Contents

Dar es Salaam Port, Tanzania. Our containers are never hard to find!
Customs inspection

We are always happy to see the containers arrive safely! The Kahama crate carried over 17,000 books for children, schools, teachers and medical staff as well as classroom supplies and teacher resources: Education is key to an individual’s and a region’s development. And eventually an educated nation will lead to a progressive nation that is able to sustain economic growth.
We have supplied 94 more boxes of soccer uniforms and equipment to the schools in the Kahama region: Sports are important for personal health and fitness and are an ideal way to develop and strengthen a child’s self-image. The child learns that she has specific skills and is an integral part of a team.
As well as the medical textbooks the Kahama Hospital received bedding, linens, canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, mattresses, an examination table, stretchers, 2 TV's, 2 DVD players, kitchen utensils, a microscope, toys and computers: As in the West it is essential for a large hospital and the satellite clinics to have a networking infrastructure to provide internet availability and to support the development of a hospital information system.
The Summerland Montessori School sent letters, pictures and 9 large boxes of supplies to the Faraja Orphanage. And we sent 41 large plastic family-to-family bins filled with items and gifts.
There were also 32 sewing machines, a large number of woodworking tools and a further 250 boxes of general supplies to help villagers to combat the effects of poverty and become self-sustaining.
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