Monday, 26 February 2018



Brenda (One Person co-founder and President) used her own funds to help Joseph receive training and set up his own business in Kahama, Tanzania.  

Summerland School in Lugunga Village.
The team delivered much-needed educational supplies. 
Joseph has now set up a preschool in his village, which they have called the Summerland School; this fills our hearts as we are based in Summerland, British Columbia. 

Joseph and others volunteer their time to teach the children the pre-academic skills that they need before attending primary school. 

In 2008, the then Summerland Mayor, David Gregory signed a Friendship Agreement between Summerland & Kahama, and Joseph's actions are another binding thread in the BC - Tanzania connection. (No financial funding is given, but the City of Summerland promotes our organization on their website.)

Here are our other blogs on what we have done to assist education in the Kahama region. 

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Contact us to find out how to sponsor the orphanage, volunteer or to make a donation. You can also donate online. 

Asante Sana - Thank You! 

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