Sunday, 6 August 2017

Penticton-made brick machines create jobs in Kahama, Tanzania

Luke now runs a thriving brick-machine business in Kahama.

This wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of these three skilled and compassionate men who have taken similar brick machines to Zambia and Gambia. 

In 2015 Bill Lauritzen, Lawrence Slind and Ron Ryde built and donated this high compression brick machine for use in Kahama. The machine is perfect for undeveloped areas as it operates without electricity.  Ron then took part in a One Person volunteer trip to provide training to set up a brick machine business.

The last 40' shipping container, which arrived in Kahama earlier this year, carried more brick-machines, in memory of Lawrence who sadly passed away in March 2016. Ron took a second trip and helped to install a water tower and washing area at the orphanage. 

 Luke  is able to run a self-sustaining business, and employs six men, who can now support their families! 

Our Agent, Emmanuel, sent these pictures of Luke at three of the many buildings that the new business has been able to construct. These bricks are more durable than the traditional mud-bricks as a small amount of cement is added (6%) and they are created under high-pressure. The bricks are also easier to work with as they are all of equal size. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise funds to ship five sea-containers to East Africa, and send life-changing resources! The first went to Rwanda, and the remaining four were sent to our sponsor-community in Kahama. We are no longer shipping resources but still need to raise funds to run the Muvuma Orphanage, and create sustainable businesses such as this. 

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Asante Sana - Thank You! 

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