Thursday, 2 February 2017

The 2016 Volunteers

This is Peter's second trip to Kahama. He also volunteers tirelessly throughout the year. This is Brenda's tenth visit to Kahama! Just a reminder here that everyone pays their own way on these trips.   

The Muvuma ladies presented Brenda with gifts as a thank you for all she has done for the orphanage and the community of Kahama. 
(Brenda came up with the idea of helping in rural Tanzania and co-founded The One Person Project. As President of the organization she dedicates a huge percentage of her time and energies to One Person.) 
The harder the work the better 
as far as Peter is concerned! 

As long-time volunteers you will see the Barkley family from Peachland B.C. mentioned a number of times throughout this blog!

Over the years the family has also raised funds, collected soccer uniforms and equipment, and sponsored children in Kahama. Finally they have achieved their goal of visiting our sponsor-community and making a difference at the Muvuma Orphanage.

Matthew, Bryan and Nathan at Muvuma, taking a break from painting, building steps, helping build a chicken coop 
and much more! 
Becca and Maureen sorting donated resources in the old shipping containerThe new shipment should arrive soon! Meanwhile there are a lot of tasks to help with around the orphanage. 
And one of the most important aspects of our volunteer trips  -  spending time with the children! 
Learning through play
Soccer - the universal language!

Monica Miller keeping the children enthralled! 

Preparing Christmas dinner

The second wave of volunteers on the 2016/2017 trip

This is Ron's second trip to Kahama. Ron and his friends Bill and Lawrence have donated a number of brick machines for us to provide employment locally; we buy the bricks back to use at Muvuma. Ron is organizing and partially funding the construction of a water tower for the orphanage

Margaret, Gloria and Jeannie are nurses from Redwater, Alberta. They volunteered at the orphanage and Kahama Hospital, and hosted the Amani Christmas party. Amani is the name of the children's clubhouse that we set up at the hospital for the children receiving long-term weekly care. 

Each volunteer took donated resources in their suitcases!

The ladies taking donated items to the tailoring store that we have set up for Mwanaidi (second left) and Deo (second right).

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Contact us to find out how to volunteer or to make a donation. 
You can also donate now online. 

Asante Sana - Thank You! 

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