Friday, 16 December 2016

2016/17 Trip: Rwanda

Monica joined Brenda, Peter and the Barkley family in Rwanda
Here they are pictured at one of the Genocide memorial sites. 

Brenda first visited Rwanda and Tanzania in 2006 on a W.V. trip.  Before leaving Canada all the volunteers were supposed to get 2 children sponsored - Brenda found sponsors for 18 children! In the following three years Brenda and One Person signed up over 60 sponsors for W.V., and Brenda, and volunteer teams, went back to both countries each year to visit the children. 

In 2007 we established a permanent connection with Kahama in rural Tanzania, where most of the sponsor children were from but still visit with the many friends that Brenda has made over the years. Our first shipping container went to Muhanga, Rwanda and we have given support to a school and clinics in the area. 

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