Saturday, 2 April 2016

2016 Trip: Muvuma Orphanage

Brenda and some of the 30 Muvuma children

One Person provided over 95% of the funds to build the orphanage. We are still raising money to finish the interior so that we can add 20 more vulnerable children. All funds go through our agent Emmanuel, who monitors the process each step of the way. 

Marco, who is sponsored by Naomi and family.
The orphanage also shelters children with albinism.  There is a large albino population in the Kahama area who suffer from the stigma and prejudices of being different but more alarmingly, in Tanzania (as in many developing countries) there is a ‘trade’ in albino limbs as they are believed to have magical properties. 

There are also two children with disabilities. This is Elisha who is sponsored by Mary. 

Brenda and Nicole made appointments for the children with medical needs. 

Preparing the land and planting donated vegetable seeds. 

The children love it when Brenda and the volunteer teams visit!

The children loved their soccer shirts and soccer balls! 

We ensure that the girls receive shirts too as they play netball

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