Friday 1 August 2014

Great Progess on the Muvuma Building!

Thanks to donations and fundraising events here in the Okanagan (BC) we were able to send funds for a roof for the new Muvuma Orphanage in Kahama.

Twenty children and youth currently live in this rented 4-room house, which will not be available for much longer. The Kahama District Council donated land for a new orphanage, which will house up to 50 children. The small group of local women, who donate their time and limited funds to running the orphan-group, raised enough funds to start the building, a difficult task in a rural area struggling with the effects of extreme poverty. Check out the previous Muvuma blogs (click on the Muvuma link on the right or scroll through the blog) to see how the orphanage will be transforming lives.
It took two years of hard work for the building to get the first five levels of bricks around the 7,000sq ft base; a great testament to the Muvuma ladies' determination and dedication. The 2011 One Person Volunteer team visited the orphanage and Nancy C. donated $1,000, which provided the top 4,000 bricks and soon translated into an exciting surge of progress.

And now - thanks to our supporters - the roof is up!

One Person Kahama Representative, Emmanuel, with the security guards who are monitoring the precious building supplies.

We are thrilled at the progress being made, and know that with your help the building will be ready to provide a safe home for the children by Christmas. Please do contact me if you are able to make a donation towards the costs of finishing the orphanage: floor, internal walls, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical and so on.

A third of our forty-foot shipping container is dedicated to resources for the orphanage; it will arrive in Kahama early next year to coincide with our February Volunteer trip. 

Contact us if you would like to:
Donate towards finishing the orphanage.
Sponsor the orphanage or an orphan.
Volunteer in Kahama, or in the Okanagan, B.C.

You can also make a donation towards any of our programs by mailing a cheque to The One person Project, 10108 Julia Street, Summerland, British Columbia, V0H 1Z5, Canada. Donating on-line or making a donation at the Summerland & District Credit Union.

Strengthen one person - strengthen the family - strengthen the community.

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