Sunday 1 September 2013

Strenghten your own community: Children & Youth

Some people and businesses tell us that they prefer to support organizations that affect their own community – which we love to hear because One Person provides life-changing opportunities for communities in the Okanagan and in the whole of B.C. (And beyond!)

Since our inception in 2006 our President Brenda Lowe has held presentations in schools, church halls, healthcare facilities, in offices, in community centres and in her own home.  Brownies, Guides, Scouts, school children, school teachers, medical professionals, families, service groups, store/office staff and clergy and congregations have seen our presentations and took part in our Q & A’s.

Local children and youth especially are benefiting from the role that One Person plays. We provide an avenue to help children to become socially aware and to be able to give to a community. Parents understand that it is not just the designated charity that is benefitting from a family’s involvement; children are also learning to be empathetic, compassionate and caring.

Lemonade Stand: Caitlin, Krista, Gabrielle&  Katelyn.  Devyn in the front
A 2013 study by the United Nations found that 88 percent of  (American) children donate to charities – that’s 7 out of 8 children aged 8 to 19!  Interestingly the study showed that role-modelling alone does not affect children’s giving-behaviour.

“Parents’ giving to charity is not enough to teach children to be charitable,” the report states, “Focused, intentional teaching by talking to children about charity is what works. This is true for children in families at all income levels and across gender, race, and age.” 

Children of all ages have talked with us and contributed to our programs in Kahama, Tanzania and Muhanga, Rwanda. Children and youth donate school and soccer resources, they help to collect, sort and pack donated items into our shipping containers – they even help paint our shipping containers and then they help raise funds to ship the containers! From donating birthday money, to recycling bottles, from holding lemonade stands, bake sales and book drop-off points to helping at our fundraising events. 

The children and youth in this community get to see photographs and hear stories of the children and youth they are helping to become self-sufficient in our sponsor-communities in East Africa. The children here learn new skills, feel empowered and know that the actions of one person can make a difference in the life of a child, a family, a community – whether it be on their own doorstep or on another continent.

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