Sunday 10 February 2013

6th One Person Trip - The Team

Back row: Dr. Glen & Anna. 
Middle: Twyla,  Dr. Andrew (Kahama District Medical Officer) Brenda, Nancy & Pene.
Front:  LeAnne


One Person couldn't do what we do without our volunteers, here in B.C. and on our trips to our two sponsor communities. (Kahama in Tanzania and Muhanga in Rwanda.) One Person members and volunteers pay their own way on these visits and after donating their time and skills, return home as Ambassadors who advocate and fundraise to help us provide long-term support, which is designed to lead to self-sustainability.
This is Dr. Glen and Twyla Burgoyne’s second volunteer trip with One Person. Twyla, Pene Berthelsen, Anna Toon and LeAnne Davies are RN’s (Registered Nurse) and Nancy Comeau is a psychologist. The medical teams assist in the hospital and work with Dr. Andrew to asses future needs. You can find more details on Brenda's travelogue.
This is Brenda's sixth One Person trip and her seventh visit to Kahama, Tanzania and Muhanga, Rwanda. Dr. Andrew took over from Dr. Subi (who visited us here in B.C. in 2010) as the Kahama District Medical Officer.  

The team will be identifying needs at the hospital, following up on equipment and resources sent and assisting with and teaching procedures. They will also be helping to unload and distribute the contents of the forty-foot shipping container, which will be arriving in Kahama during their visit.  

Brenda and the Ambassadors will also be meeting with officials and organizations and most importantly with children and families.



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