Wednesday 8 August 2012

2012 Trip / Kahama / Train The Teacher Overview

In line with our strengthening the region at all levels, we support education in the Kahama District.  The first shipping container to go to Tanzania carried over 17,000 books, and numerous boxes of school resources and sports uniforms/equipment. We set up a week-long Train The Teacher workshop to explain how to use the resources sent, to share teaching strategies and to practise written and spoken English. It was a wonderful experience for us all!

30 teachers in Kahama, Tanzania were able to attend our five day workshop thanks to sponsors in British Columbia, Canada who each donated $30 which was paid to the teachers as an honorarium. 

The official languages of Tanzania are Swahili and English. English is recognized as being an International language that will help create a level playing field in business, commerce and many professions, and it is the medium of instruction in all levels of education after Primary.

 Classroom walls are bare and there are very few if any resources in most schools. 
A soccer ball is a rarity! 
Kahama is remote and poorly serviced, far fewer children are enrolled in school in rural Tanzania than in urban areas and the level of written and spoken English is low, due in large part to the lack of visitors to the area as well as a major shortage of resources. The One Person volunteer teams always create a stir when we visit and people love to get to practise their English, even if it's just to say hello.

Check out ten of the proud Kahama teachers receiving their certificate of completion in the next posting.

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