Monday 27 February 2012

Can you really make a difference?

 Welcome to The One Person Project (Friends of Kahama Society)

If you live in the Okanagan B.C., Canada, you may be familiar with this dynamic organization, if not, visit

The society grew out of one woman's passion to make a difference in a third-world country. Brenda Lowe, from Summerland, B.C. sponsored a World Vision child and decided to become a volunteer in order to be able to answer the (constant) question - can we really make a difference in Africa?

Brenda and other Canadian volunteers spent 3 (self-funded) weeks in Rwanda and Tanzania in 2006. On Brenda's return a small group of friends created The One Person Project and with the help of the people of B.C. we have already made a considerable difference to the lives of children and families in Kahama, Tanzania and Muhanga, Rwanda. (We are not associated with World Vision.)

My blog will describe One Person's journey so far and explain what we are doing and why.

And can you really make a difference? Yes you can! One person, one community at a time!

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